Vicar's Message - Quarter 1 - 2015

Dearly beloved in Christ,

We are close to 2014 and very anxiously getting ready to enter 2015! In 2014, as MTCNJ Parishioners, we experienced the love and care of God in our lives when many went through hard times and we could share in the pain and suffering of our fellow Christians.

Many of our dear ones are  graciously recovering from their sickness. Let us continue to pray for them and I hope that they can come together to worship God in the coming months. Now I am taking this opportunity to thank  all the Executive Committee members and the office bearers of the year 2014. And also I thank all the Parish members for the support and valuable prayers rendered for the smooth running of our Parish. Let’s continue to support the new office bearers through our prayers and co-operation.

Most of the people will take ‘Resolution’ every New Year. Like stop chocolate, Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Take More time for Relationships, Set Goals. The lists goes on. As we know, in a week or so, the chatter would turn to the broken resolutions and very few of the hoped for changes would become a reality.

We want something more for our life. “A different kind of Resolution”. “MEMORIZE GOD’S WORD”!!

In Psalm 25:4 & 5 “Show me your ways, O, Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior”. Take this Bible Verse as our ‘Resolution’ and memorize it. And submit every day our life unto Him. We want to trust in Him more fully this year. We need to pray like this, “Tune our ears to hear Your voice more clearly. Teach us Your path and guide us in Your truth. In these challenging  days we need to discern Your ways for us. Help us to put our hope in You, not just occasionally or when we are in a hard place, but every day all day long. Thank you that you are God, my Savior. We ask this in the Precious name Jesus Christ, Amen.

Most importantly, ‘MEMORIZE’ and ‘MEDITATE’ on His words every day to remind yourself about God’s amazing grace and love for you. You have nothing to lose but more to gain when you memorize God’s Word.


In His Service,

Jacob Achen


Lighted to Lighten

njmtcChurchThe Mar Thoma Church of New Jersey is part of the Malankara Mar Thoma Church which traces its origins to the apostolic work of St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ who spread the Good News in India around AD 52.

The mission of the Mar Thoma church is to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said “You are the Light of the World”. Every believer and member of the Mar Thoma Church should take up the responsibility to lighten others and hence our motto – Lighted to Lighten.

The Malankara Mar Thoma Church is led by our Valiya Metrapolitan, His Grace the Most Rev Dr Philipose Mar Chrysostom, and our current Metropolitan, His Grace the Most Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma.  Our parish is also part of the Mar Thoma Diocese of North America and Europe, headquartered in Merrick, NY. Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius is the current Diocesan Bishop.


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